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Judy’s Online Writing Course

If you’ve ever said, ‘I’d love to write, but I don’t know how to begin,’ then this is the course for you. In Judy’s Online Writing Course you will be doing a lot of writing and you will be receiving detailed, constructive feedback.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll know what’s required to publish short stories and magazine articles. You’ll even understand why Hollywood’s films are as successful as they are, because of that all-important story structure which will greatly assist in the composition of your novel or screenplay. And, that’s only the beginning. Among many other things, we’ll be looking at:

  • Learning which kind of writer you are
  • Plot and how it differs from Story
  • Characterisation: The good, the bad and the Cardboard Cut-outs
  • Why characters’ names matter
  • When dialogue is superior to exposition
  • How ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ can make your story come alive
  • How to mine stories when your mind is a blank
  • Writing ‘short’ and writing ‘long'
  • How painting pictures and listening to symphonies has everything to do with writing. Huh? It’s true
  • What does a Features’ Editor mean when he/she asks you what your ‘angle’ is?
  • What ‘the hook’ is
  • A magazine’s style and why you’d be wise to check it out BEFORE you write for them
  • You mean I must count the words? The reality of being professional in your work
  • The correct way to present a manuscript for publication
  • Deadlines / Kill fees / Competitions
  • Why Hollywood movie scripts are written and rewritten, on average, 30 times; and what you can learn from them for writing your novel
  • Why writing your masterpiece before speaking to a publisher is a dumb move
  • Writer’s Block and how to defog your brain
  • That vital ‘Back Story’
  • And much more.

To cover everything you need to agree to work hard. I will work just as hard to help you. However, it’ll be a lot of fun as well!

Just think. In no time at all you could be on the first rung of the ladder to being published and earning additional income. I hope to welcome you aboard Judy’s Online Writing Course.

The course is run entirely via e-mail, to allow for times when you might be very busy or be out of town. Whether you return an assignment within one week or three is your decision. I’d rather you took your time and produced your best work.

The Importance of the Story itself

Judy’s Online Writing Course will show you which kind of writer you are, not to mention the necessity of accepting the profession, or hobby, as a discipline if you are to succeed in being published.

Seeing your name in print for the first time is one of life’s little victories and when you appreciate the value of story in your labours, even when you are working on a factual piece, you will be well on your way to understanding what the world of writing is really all about.

Effectively plumbing and relating the depths of your imagination takes a lot of practice. As Hemingway put it, “All writing is rewriting and rewriting.” Judy has set two assignments for five of the six lessons with detailed feedback so you can plot your progress in every area such as Characterisation, Dialogue, a Story’s Angle and the Point of View, etc, is concerned - in both fact and fiction.

You will come into contact with a tale’s Dramatic Purpose and its Dramatic Issue and appreciate how an efficiently told story satisfies human needs. You will meet the storytelling Archetypes and travel the Hero’s Journey, while tracing the supplied diagram to immediately comprehend how a successful narrative comes together. You will also understand why many aspiring novelists run out of steam after page 50 or so because they have not been exposed to this secret.

Q & A's

A. There is no set date. You and I work on a one-on-one basis.

A. There are six lessons. There is no set time limit to finish the course, as you progress at your own pace. You may choose whether you wish to finish within six or twelve weeks or longer.
A. Yes, because there is no set date to begin and end, you are in control over your own time structure. Students in the past have had challenges, such as bereavement, company business trips and the like. You just pick up from where you left off when you return.
A. There are no ‘late submissions’ on my course, as there are no set dates to begin and end each lesson. Each assignment is worked on in your own time.

A. A successful writer, unlike a plumber, builder or doctor is not gauged by the number of certificates earned. His or her writing experiences are the credentials. As a creative profession it’s usually a matter of ‘the more you do it, the better you get.’ For this reason I do not issue certificates as, quite frankly, they are not the measure of a person as a writer.

The ideal scenario is to write and keep writing; join writers’ clubs / groups and once again, keep writing. The course is aimed, mainly, at those who are serious and want to be published in fact or fiction. Of course, if you want to do the course just for fun, you are most welcome.

A. How you wish to pay is up to you; but everything is done online. You will save on bank charges by using your credit card, (or making a bank transfer) because paying into my account by cash means you will be charged a handling fee. Just ensure you use your name as a reference, otherwise I won’t know where the payment came from. Don’t forget that we are not in a classroom situation where I would have a machine to process your payment. Some students are at the other end of the continent or in another country.
A. I must stress that I prefer that you pay upfront. A once-off transaction is much easier for me to keep track of. However, we can always make a plan if you are desperate to start learning now. I would require half/half, just to simplify matters.
A. By the time you’ve finished you will understand how to write short stories or a novel, as well as feature articles. From there it’s a short hop to other forms of writing - such as scriptwriting. You will also comprehend how to do this professionally in order to be published. However, nobody can make you a good writer; as that’s constant application on your part. I can only supply the tools and give you a little push. I am prepared to work hard alongside you and give you the best of my knowledge. The rest is up to you.